NEWS UPDATE! We are ready to certify the following products : *Ceramic / Granite Tiles *Gypsum Board *Cement Board *Paint & Coating *Sanitary Products (Closet) *Polymer Pipes (PVC, HDPE & PPR) *Light Steel *Rolled Steel *Portland Cement *Instant Mortar *Biodegradable Plastic & Bioplastic Films *Glass *Aluminium *Light Brick *Brick with Recycle Material and *Food Canning *Paving Block *Essential Oil *Adhesif and Sealant

Before you apply for Indonesian Green Label certification, please read the steps below :
Step 1 :
Make sure your product belongs to one of our product types/categories listed on our site. To view product types, please click the button below:
If your product is not listed, please contact the GPC Indonesia Secretariat first for advice on product types and certification details before making an online application.

021 - 7509476

Step 2:


After your product is in accordance with the type of product listed by GPC Indonesia, then you will need to collect supporting documents based on product criteria.


For test report, send samples of your product to an accredited laboratory for further testing.

Step 3:


After all documents and test results have been collected, you can submit a certification submission by downloading the application form, filling in the form, and sending the completed documents that attached with the supporting documents. The Green Label Indonesia application form must be submitted by attaching:

  • Applicant organization legality documents (Notary Deed, SIUP. TDP, NPWP), including importer information in Indonesia and API number (in Indonesian) 
  • Certificate of Registration Marks issued by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (copy). 
  • Statement letter that has applied an Environmental Management System or a valid ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate (copy). 
  • Copy of Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) permit document. 
  • Material safety data sheet of raw materials. 
  • Copies of mining licenses if done alone or documents of mining permits made by suppliers of raw materials for mining products. 
  • Copies of CoA from the last 1 year to test products according to SNI ISO related products. 
  • Copies of SNI ISO certificates for related products. 
  • Material safety data sheets from the packaging and CoA from the supplier which states that the packaging is 70 recycled.

Step 4:


After the application is submitted, our Secretariat will assess your product and inform the results.


You can contact our Secretariat to check the status of your application. 



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