NEWS UPDATE! We are ready to certify the following products : *Ceramic / Granite Tiles *Gypsum Board *Cement Board *Paint & Coating *Sanitary Products (Closet) *Polymer Pipes (PVC, HDPE & PPR) *Light Steel *Rolled Steel *Portland Cement *Instant Mortar *Biodegradable Plastic & Bioplastic Films *Glass *Aluminium *Light Brick *Brick with Recycle Material and *Food Canning *Paving Block *Essential Oil *Adhesif and Sealant*corrugated bitumen roof*Poly Carbonate*Carbon Steel*Concrete Roof*rPET*Air Conditioner*Elevator*Eskalator


In order to encourage industry players to produce healthier and greener building materials. Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI) is a non-governmental organization and non-profit that cares about the environment in terms of the use of industrial materials, especially building material products. GPCI was founded in 2015 and is an Associate Member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). GPCI was established to encourage all people to pay attention to environmental aspects in the use of green and environmentally friendly building material products.          

Through a standard rating or rating tools compiled by professional experts, GPCI launch a Green Label Indonesia certificate, which is a certification for environmentally friendly products that have met the criteria required by an audit conducted by a professional audit agency. This is done to encourage industries to produce healthier and greener building materials. Thus, each producer will compete to meet the criteria for environmentally friendly products.The categories or types of products compiled by the rating team do not only focus on types of building materials, but will also lead to interior products, FMCG and cleaning products. Currently the GPCI is ready to certify product types as follows:

Building Material

  • Adhesif & Sealant

  • Aluminium
  • Atap Beton
  • Atap Bitumen
  • Baja Gulungan
  • Baja Karbon
  • Baja Ringan
  • Bata Ringan
  • Batu Bata Daur Ulang
  • Cat & Pelapis
  • Kaca Lembaran
  • Kloset
  • Mortar Instan
  • Papan Gipsum
  • Papan Semen
  • Paving Block/Bata Beton
  • Pipa PVC & Sambungan
  • Poli Karbonat
  • Semen Portland
  • Ubin Keramik


  • Kaleng Kemasan Makanan
  • Produk Film Plastik & Bioplastik
  • resin Pet Daur Ulang

Food & Derivatives

  • Minyak Atsiri & Minyak Atsiri Rantai Tengah (Turunannya)

Alat Transportasi Vertikal

  • Elevator

  • Eskalator


  • Air Conditioner

Green Toll Road Indonesia

        GPCI together with PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. has compiled rating tools for Green Toll Road (GTRI) certification where building material products to be used in toll road projects, including rest areas, must be certified Green Label Indonesia as environmentally friendly products. This is a joint commitment and support that continues to be carried out by the government to encourage local industries to be able to produce products that are not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly.

           PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk has successfully obtained the GTR certificate in February 2020 for toll road projects from Gempol to Pandaan and Pandaan to Malang, as well as for other toll road projects.

          GPCI continues to be determined to achieve its vision of "localizing" Indonesia through local products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable and have been certified green.



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