NEWS UPDATE! We are ready to certify the following products : *Ceramic / Granite Tiles *Gypsum Board *Cement Board *Paint & Coating *Sanitary Products (Closet) *Polymer Pipes (PVC, HDPE & PPR) *Light Steel *Rolled Steel *Portland Cement *Instant Mortar *Biodegradable Plastic & Bioplastic Films *Glass and *Aluminium

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Green Product Council (GPCI) is a non-government and non-profit organization that cares about the environment in the use of industrial materials, especially building material products. GPCI was established on December 2015 to encourage the entire community to pay attention to environmental aspects in the use of building material products that are green and environmental friendly. Through assessment standard or rating tools compiled by professional experts, GPCI issued Green Label Indonesia, the green product certification that have met the standard required that audited by professional auditor institutions. The category or type of green product standard being compiled by the rating team not only focus on building materials, but will also lead to interior and cleaning products.


No.Product Category / ClientStatusBrandLink
1Ceramic Tile & Granite
- PT Asri PancawarnaActiveIndogress, Decogress
- PT Arwana Nuansa KeramikActiveArwana, Uno Arwana
- PT Arwana Anugerah KeramikActiveArwana, Uno Arwana
- PT Mulia Keramik IndahrayaInactiveMulia Tile, Accura, Mulia Signature, Spectrum Ceramics
- PT. Granitoguna Building CeramicsActiveGranito
- PT Satyaraya Keramindo IndahActiveRoman, Quadra
- PT Propan Raya ICCActiveDecorshield, Decorlotus, Eco Emulsion
- PT Bina AdidayaActivePentalux All Weather, Polaris Emulsion, Pentashine Satin, Pentalex Gold,
Penta Floor Epoxy Self Levelling Finish, Penta Epoxy T032 WB Coloured, Penta HG Series
- PT Mowilex IndonesiaActiveInterior Pro I-1000, Interior Pro I-2000, Interior Pro I-3000, Interior Pro I-4000
Exterior Pro E-1200
- PT Urecel IndonesiaActiveFire Resistant Paint - Beria
- PT Tunas Makmur Jaya AbadiActiveRoad Marking - King Line
3Polymer Pipe
- PT Pralon ActivePralon PVC (drinking & waste water pipe) and Pralon Pipe HDPE
- PT IndopipeActive PVC Pipe and Poly Etilen (PE) pipe Indopipe
-PT Langgeng Makmur IndustriActive PVC Pipe Drinking Water, PVC Pipe Waste Water and PE pipe
- PT Wahana Duta Jaya RucikaActiveRucika pipa Standar PVC, Rucika JIS, Safe and Lok, Rucika Lite, Rucika Exoplas (PVC-O)
Kelen Green (PP), Rucika Black (PE)
- PT Tjakrindo MasActiveSupralon HDPE and PVC Tap Water, Supralon PVC Waste Water
- PT Rusli Vinilon SaktiActiveVinilon PE (poly-etilena) pipe
4 Light Steel
- PT NS Bluescope LysaghtActiveLysaght Roofing/ Walling, Lysaght Structure
5Alloy Coated Coil Steel
- PT NS Bluescope IDInactiveZincalume, Colorbond
6Gypsum Board
- PT Saint Gobain CPIInactiveGyproc Baseline, Gyproc Aqualine
- PT Aplus PacificActiveAplus, Indogyps
- PT Surya Toto IndonesiaActiveStanding, Hanging, Duoblock Closet (Falling Partition & Whirlpool System )
Monoblock closet (Falling Partition & Whirlpool System )
8Cement Board
- PT Bangunperkasa AdhitamasentraActiveGRC Board
9Instant Cement
- PT Cipta Mortar UtamaActiveMortar Instan MU 250, MU 302, MU 382, MU 402, MU 450
10Portland Cement
- PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa ActiveTigaroda PCC
- PT Semen GresikActivePW Pro, Semen Gresik
11Glass Sheet
- PT. Asahimas Flat Glass TbkActiveT-Sunflux, Stopray, Miralux, Decomirror, Lacobel, Stopsol, Sunergy
- PT Celcius IndoperkasaActiveZelltech, Isoflex
*updated 7 Okt 2020


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